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We train and coach people in Mumbai on how to create awesome VIDEOS.


The Video Trainer is Mumbai's First Video Training Workshop & Coaching Start up. We conduct video training workshops that helps professionals, small business owners and companies to leverage the power of videos and the YouTube platform to promote their products , services and get more sales.

This is the first of its kind workshop in Mumbai. Most events/workshops simply focus on producing Hollywood and Bollywood like videos which cost a bomb.

This workshop is just like looking over our shoulders as we show you how we go about making a video. This workshop is 95% practical and 5% theory.

Our video training and coaching helps corporates, entrepreneurs, trainers, and professionals make professional looking videos that are easy, simple and inexpensive. We would love to help you, reach us at admin(at)

Our Team

Abhishek Luv

Abhishek Luv

Abhishek Luv

Co-Founder & Web Developer, The Video Trainer

Abhishek Luv is currently a Freelance ASP.NET MVC Trainer and provides training services to training companies, corporate’s and institutes all over India and also on individual basis for students and freshers in Mumbai.

Abhishek Luv was a ASP.NET MVC Freelance Consultant Abhishek Luv developing web applications using ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Bootstrap & Azure.

Abhishek Luv has been developing and designing websites and web applications for the last 3 years. During these years Abhishek has been involved in technologies such as C#, ASP.NET MVC, Visual Studio, and Entity Framework and now is mostly working on the Microsoft stack.

In his work so far, Abhishek has designed, developed and deployed software and products using Microsoft Technologies and worked with people from countries like Canada, India, Switzerland, United Kingdom, among others.

He is a founder of the Orchard CMS India Community website, Orchard Beginner and a contributor to the official Orchard CMS documentation website and has created numerous online courses on Orchard CMS.

Abhishek is also a founder of an IT Video Training start-up called Develop2Deploy especially designed for students and newbies in India.

Outside of the normal day to day activities, Abhishek likes to hear music, motivational audio books and also record his own podcast show for Software Development Podcast Show

Other website’s by Abhishek Luv

Learn ASP.NET MVC with Practical Demos

Rajiv Kumar Luv

Rajiv Kumar Luv

Rajiv Kumar Luv

Founder, The Video Trainer

Rajiv Kumar Luv is a soft skills expert, a trainer at The Personality Boss, seminar leader, coach, author, podcaster and a youtuber.

He has been helping people perform, excel and move to the next level for the past 23 years.He inspires people to think more, learn more, be more, do more and achieve more.He may not be like the sun which is a source of light but he is more like the small mirror which can reflect the light of the sun to remove the darkness from people’s life. He is absolutely committed to adding value and making a difference.

When Rajiv started as a trainer, the only tools available at the time were the blackboard and chalk. Rajiv has kept himself constantly updated with the times, learning the latest tools, concepts, softwares available in the market.

The Video Trainer was born out of the idea that no one was teaching how to make videos which were simple, easy and inexpensive. You only came across film makers who make the whole thing so technical, complicated and expensive that you would lose all interest in making any videos.

Rajiv has invested over 1000 hours and $3000 in learning how to make videos. He has over 150 videos under his belt, 90 of which you can view on his YouTube Channel. Rajiv has experimented with different kinds of videos and now he is confident and ready to teach you how to make your own youtube videos to transform your life and your business.

To know more about Rajiv Trainings offered by Rajiv

To go to Rajiv’s YouTube channel Rajiv YouTube Channel Link

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Abhishek Luv

Abhishek Luv

Abhishek Luv

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Abhishek Luv, Co-Founder, The Video Trainer
Rajiv Kumar Luv, Founder, The Video Trainer

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