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Ways to Use Videos in Business

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In this post, We’ll discuss ways to use Videos in Business.

Ways To Use Videos in Business

Video Emails

Instead of sending a 200 lines of textual content in an e-mail companies can create a 2 min video for the same.

Why create a video e-mail?

Reasons :

  1. Customer connects with you
  2. Customer knows with whom they are dealing
  3. Increases trustability and credibility
  4. Customer will understand you better

Video Proposals

Customer usually connects with 2 or 3 companies for getting their work done. In order to standout from the crowd companies can send their proposal in the form of a video. Company officials will be surprised how much trustability a video can bring for their business.

Why create a video proposals?

Reasons :

  1. Customer connects with you
  2. Customer knows with whom they are dealing
  3. Increases trustability and credibility
  4. Customer will understand you better
  5. It builds better rapport

Video Coaching

Coaching has become the #1 business throughout the world. Live video coaching can be done by using tools like:

  1. Goto Webinar
  2. Goto Meeting
  3. (Using Skype or Hangout)

Product Demos & Video Presentations

Being a product based company you’ll have to create product demonstration videos for your customers.

Product demonstration videos can be created by using tools like:

  1. PowerPoint Videos with Voice overs
  2. Video recording with Screen Capture tools like Camtasia

Video Promotions

Companies and businesses can use videos for marketing and promotions.

Promotional videos with some emotions like pain and pleasure can help companies to make the video go viral.

How can to promote business using videos?

  1. Run video ads on Facebook
  2. Run video ads on YouTube
  3. Run video ads on Twitter

Company Overview

Companies and Businesses can use videos to create Company overview or Company intro videos for customers and end users.

Video of CSR activities

Companies can record and document their Corporate Social Responsibility activities and build a better future for the country.

Video CV of Employees

Hiring employees is not easy. To make the hiring process easy companies can ask all of the potential candidates to create a Video CV of 2 minutes.

Benefits of a Video CV:

  1. You can see the person in real
  2. You can see his presentations skills
  3. You can see his communication skills

Video Testimonials

Testimonials are very essential for every business. Companies should use video testimonials for showing their customer success story.

Video Tutorials

Today, the whole world is your audience. So, use the power of video and start teaching the world and make a living out it.

  1. Teaching with Udemy
  2. Teaching with YouTube
  3. Teaching using Membership websites

Thanks for reading this post. We hope that you have gained some knowledge about Ways To Use Videos in Business.

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Why Online Videos?

  • Helps build trust as people see you as real
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