The Video Trainer

We train and coach people in Mumbai on how to create awesome VIDEOS.

Video Training for Feng Shui Experts

As a Feng Shui Expert, are you looking for new customers to provide service?

What would happen if you stopped getting new customers?

Well, you would become frustrated and demotivated. Your income would drastically reduce, which would adversely affect your lifestyle. Your family members would not be able to enjoy the comfort they are used to. We are sure you would not want all this to happen to you, do you?

We are sure you would have heard the slogan, “Digital banega India Tabi toh badega India” The Government of India is serious about making India digital.

One way to make your business digital is to learn how to make your own videos and then use them as a powerful marketing tool. No other tool can match the power of a video in engaging and persuading. Once you start making your own videos you keep getting a steady stream of new clients.

You can upload your videos on YouTube where google ranks them higher and helps you build believability, credibility and likability which leads to trust and more business.

You can make the following kinds of videos

  1. Testimonial Video This video helps you build social proof. It is like amplifying the word-of-mouth publicity.

  2. Demo Video Here’s were you can show the various products and explain their benefits.

  3. Promo Video These videos can used to promote your forthcoming Trainings and seminars

  4. Question & Answer Video These videos help you to establish yourself as an authority in your domain.

If all this makes sense to you, set aside some time everyday to work on this ‘New Skill’ of making your own videos. Years from today, you will thank yourself for doing so.

A video quickly builds trust.

After watching a video people feel they know you, like you and trust you. Videos also help you to establish your professional credibility and expertise to wide audience.

Our video training workshop gives you trust building script templates.

You want to make videos but the complicated process of making videos overwhelms you. Doesn’t it?

We offer training workshops & personal coaching in video making for feng shui experts in Mumbai.

Our training & personal coaching in video making is a very high-value, intensive practical section. The coaching and training given in our training & personal coaching can be immediately put into practice and will help you in video editing, making YouTube videos, Screen Capture videos, PowerPoint videos, Demo Videos, Promo Videos, Talking Head videos, Teaching videos and many more types of videos.

  • So that you can focus on what matters
  • So that you can stop wasting time
  • So that you can stop wasting money

Are you interested in making your own videos? Our video training and coaching helps corporates, entrepreneurs, trainers, and professionals make professional looking videos that are easy, simple and inexpensive.

Why The Video Trainer?

This is the first of its kind workshop in Mumbai. Most courses simply focus on producing slick hollywood and bollywood like videos which cost a bomb. This workshop requires

  • No expensive equipment
  • No complicated software
  • No super creative skills

This workshop is just like you looking over our shoulder as we show you how we go about making a video, to give each participant a hands-on experience. This workshop is 100% practical.

Each participant will leave the workshop with a finished video uploaded on youtube and proudly share it with the world.

After the workshop we will build a community of committed videographers on facebook where we share our learning and experiences with each other and support each other.

Why Online Videos?

  • Helps build trust as people see you as real
  • It appeals to people in a relaxed or lazy state
  • Search engines love videos
  • Every video that you put out is selling you
  • People respond to videos
  • Your business will grow
  • It has a low cost of entry
  • You just need a smart phone to start
  • Video viewers are 64% more likely to buy
  • Your video works for you 24/7

Here's what you will get in our training programme

  • How to write a simple script
  • Ready script templates
  • How to tell a visual story
  • Software's to use
  • What kind of cameras you can use
  • The lighting arrangement
  • Different Microphones
  • Understanding simple shots
  • Do's & Dont's in front of the camera
  • Formats & Resolutions
  • Use of tripods
  • How to edit Videos using an Editing Software
  • Good editing practices
  • How to clean and remove noise from Audio of a Video
  • How to record Audio and Video separately for better Quality
  • How to reduce the size of a Video file for easy and faster uploading
  • How to create awesome thumbnails for YouTube
  • How to create a YouTube channel
  • How to upload your video to YouTube
  • Use YouTube annotations
  • Where to get good free music
  • A finished video by the end of the day
  • A facebook community that supports after the workshop

Who Will Benefit from Making & Creating Awesome Videos

OR anyone who has some talent to showcase to the world

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